AUTOTEL - Digital Marketing

Web Development, Design and Strategy

Websites today can do much more than just look good. It's not important to start with the biggest and the best but to make sure your online assets and your digital marketing partner are able to grow with your business online. After all, adopting a digital marketing strategy is all about business growth, both online and on the bottom line! Depending on your business marketing strategy Autotel clients can expect custom built business web design, content creation, landing pages and online campaign management and reporting with the tools and the functionality to measure your business objectives. As experienced Digital Business Developers our people can provide a custom design product or something simple, straight of the shelf to get you going. But without the right online assets and right accompanying tools no marketing strategy will deliver to its full potential.

Social Media Marketing

A very important part of every digital marketing strategy in today's internet, mobile, fast pace world should be a clear social media plan, that not only compliments your current market message, but one that delivers strong return on investment for the business. It's not just about getting more “likes and shares” anymore so it's important to understand what social media marketing can do for your business, set some clear objects and measure the results. Autotel understand that every business is different and your online brand, customers and integrity is our highest priority.

Content Marketing

Providing engaging and relevant online content in the business world is all about connecting with your prospects and customers. Sharing the reasons your business exists should connect your audience emotionally to your brand. It helps a business evolve and grow and when done right it changes the positive perception people have about a business. Autotel strive to understand our partners businesses, in great detail, so we can create content on their behalf that resonates with their clients and increases online engagement.

Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly Adwords, done right can be a great source of online business. People searching on Google are 'in the market' and with a little research and data analysis Google Ads can bring more of the right people to your website. SME's don't need to go crazy with advertising here but just need a good digital marketing partner like Autotel who can assist.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a combination of techniques and strategy to enhance the organic activity your website receives. The approach is based on optimising keywords to obtain a high-ranking with a search engine (SERP) like Google or other search engines. Great organic rankings with Google start with an optimised website. Autotel can provide ongoing SEO services that align with Google's best practise and get consistent long-term high-ranking results.

CRM Customer Relationship Management and Email Marketing

Newsletters are an effective tool for your business to communicate with and nurture your leads, develop your sales funnel and communicate with your current customers. This is the simplest form of communication to advise your customer of business changes, offers, educate or share expert knowledge in your profession, provide updates, and run marketing campaigns. Autotel provide expert advice and thorough consultation when building CRM software for your business. We can create a tailored, automated software solution for your business, clients and staff.